In-Network Plus

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In addition to services at on-site Health Centers, the Alliance Coal Health Care Program covers a full range of preventive and medically-necessary care that you and your family receive from your choice of hospitals and doctors. But when you do need care beyond what’s available at an on-site Health Center, be sure to consider In-Network Plus providers. These are trusted partners who share our belief that good medical care requires close coordination between everyone involved in a patient’s care.

In-Network Plus providers include hospitals and doctors who collaborate with Dr. Wells’ health team and share our commitment to delivering quality care. The Health Care Program covers eligible expenses at the highest benefit level when you use your on-site Health Centers and the In-Network Plus providers.

You and your covered family members can use any provider on the complete list of In-Network Plus providers. For a shorter list of specific providers available in your region, including In-Network Plus and In-Network providers, see If you have questions or would like more information on selecting an appropriate health care provider, please call or visit your on-site Health Center.